Laura Clergue, Canal+ consultant and former professional player padel shares with you the technical advice he was given in Spain to familiarize himself with the windows and defend better.

Points are scored from the net at padel, but you still have to know how to defend well to go to the net and hope to score the point. One of the kings of defense is obviously Fernando Belasteguin, we also think of Paquito Navarro who seems in his comfort zone surrounded by glass. Agustin Tapia, Juan Lebron and Momo Gonzalez are also players known for their incredible recoveries with the glass. Among the girls, Delfi Brea and Claudia Fernandez are those who have the greatest ability to distribute the game from the back. They lean on the back window to impose their rhythm. In this video Laura goes over defense technique.

Coello window defense Amsterdam Bela 2022

Firstly, it is fundamental to position yourself well padel, and always return to this position during the stitch. When opponents raise their level of play, they will take advantage of every bad positioning on your part.

Then, it is important to take into account two pieces of information, if the ball comes to me from the forehand or backhand side and if it is in my interest to play it with or without the glass. The quicker this information is obtained, the sooner I can prepare my action. Once this information is taken I can arm my shot. You have to prepare very compactly, make a small gesture, so as not to waste time at the moment of impact. Laura explains exactly how to prepare for your shot to play after the glass. Beware of tennis players or ex-players who always tend to arm too big.

Finally, once ready, you must know how to read the trajectory of the ball after glass as best as possible and then position yourself. Laura gives you a little tip if you have any doubts about the bounce of the ball. Finally at the moment of impact it is important to stay low and have a straight line to defend from below. Another little visual aid is given to help you.

The video can be found below: