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Au padel, good volleying is essential if you want to improve your game. Unlike tennis, the volley padel cannot be avoided since this is where you get the points. If volleying isn't your strong suit, then you'll have to get started!


What is the backhand volley technique or how to volley effectively?


Three phases are to be taken into account:

Waiting position:

  • legs should be slightly bent
  • the body weight forward
  • The snowshoe head at the chin


  • Open the shoulders while shifting the racket
  • Advance towards the ball by cutting it slightly.
  • taking in front of you. The point of impact with the ball must be in front of you


            After impact, the arm should be directed to the area to be reached

Some recommendations:

  • the first flight is often a “construction” flight, that is to say not final. We will take care not to make a mistake
  • The baseline line is an important visual cue and the impact zone of the ground ball
  • The position of the player in the first end is usually 1,5 m of the net. Once this is done, think of taking a step forward

Good training and very quickly,

Pierre Lamouré - Padel Magazine / Upadel

Pierre Lamouré

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