Fiona Ligi and Charlotte Soubrié have reached the last four of the FIP Rise Diputacion de Malaga, which was played last week in Marbella. The French, who had three victories in three sets before losing in the semi-finals, have a lot to say about this competition.

Special conditions

“During the first three matches, no referee was present at the edge of the field, we had to referee ourselves, not easy when the opponents try to steal points at important moments, but we were able to impose ourselves and we passed these obstacles in three sets.

It was very hot and there was a lot of wind, the conditions were not easy and frankly we adapted very well and we knew how to put the right strategies in place.

We get along very well with “Sousou” so we had no communication problems, we had a great tournament, friends and my darling came on the trip with us to encourage us, all the ingredients were there to go as far as possible !"

A “dangerous” opponent

“During the semi-final, we took a little time to get into the match, especially in the first set, we are diesel (laughs). Sousou knew one of the players having met her at Burriana, we knew that she was dangerous in the sense that she steals points at important moments... And it didn't fail!

A referee was present, but he did not call fouls. When the player touched the ball with her t-shirt, we had to say it ourselves, no fair play on her part...

But at 5/5 – 30/15 when we can come back and go in front, the opposing player announces a first service which we both see as good, and the people in the stands too… The referee not having seeing nothing, decides to agree with the opponents, rather than handing over two balls and finally we lose the game.

These refereeing decisions are not fair: we knew that in every match they were going to try to steal points from us, but at such a level it is absurd. We were really surprised by this type of behavior…”

A positive result

“Despite all this, we had fun, we gave our all and we didn't give up, even saving match points on several occasions, and we put in superb performances, it was just amazing ! It was a real pleasure on and off the pitch, we will come back to take our revenge, and so will our supporters!”

“We are very happy and proud of this result!”

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