Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will daily zoom in on a league and its representatives for the French Padel Championships at the Padel Club in Lyon (Padel Central).  The Val d'Oise league is under siege. 

 valdoise girls

1 / Fitness trail

Sabrina RIOJA (SR): I have been playing tennis since the age of 7 at TC Auversois in the Val d'Oise, and until the age of 12 in the league structures, I have continued to play ever since for fun in the department.

Monica BLANKSON-HEMANS (MBH): I played tennis from 4 to 11 years old at the tennis club of Vauréal, then from my 12 years old until now (24 years old) at the Tennis club of Jouy le Moutier.

State graduate in 2012 I continue my professional course by passing my Higher State Diploma.

2 / The discovery of Padel

SR: Originally from Spain, I vaguely knew this sport, but actually practice since the construction of a field at (TC Auversois) in October 2011.

The members of the office, of which I was part at this time, were looking for a new friendly activity suitable for everyone and complementary to tennis.

MBH: I discovered the padel with friends of my promo DES in April 2015, I immediately hooked.

3 / Experience and Goals

SR: My experience is limited, only playing once or twice a week, “locally” and purely for leisure. It is a complementary sport to tennis for me, especially for the vision of the game, placement on the fly etc.

It is especially the best way to find my partners for good moments of relaxation. I work at the regional league, and we want to promote this new sport in the department.

We want the clubs to retain their members thanks to this complementary offer, so that the padel reaches a large audience and brings in new licensees, who do not necessarily practice tennis.

In the future, I hope to improve myself in the discipline and why not, participate in some competitions, always looking for the pleasure to play and the conviviality.

MBH: Limited experience in padel, because it was only in April 2015 that I started playing. For the moment I play padel once a week, at TC Auversois.

Like any player I have the goal to improve myself and participate in some competitions.

4 / Which club?

SR and MBH: The tennis club Auversois.

5 / Your partner?

SR and MBH: Both looking for a partner to play the qualification for the French championships in the Val d'Oise, we have been playing together since May 2015. We knew each other before thanks to our respective professions and we said “why not! ". It is above all a question of feeling.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

SR and MBH: We played just one game, the final one! Unfortunately, the ladies did not respond to the call during qualifying. We qualified against my friends padelists from Auvers. The club was well represented! The atmosphere was there. The reception of the superb club, the latter had just redone his court. Thanks to Franck for the photos and video of the match

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

SR and MBH: We very much hope to pass 1 lap, cause some problems for the “pro” pairs, please ourselves above all and discover new sensations “ padel To improve our game against the best pairs. In the Val d'Oise, the clubs are gradually equipping themselves, I hope that each club can organize its tournament.

I do not know the other qualified players, but I understand that the teams in the south of France were far from novices, quite the contrary.

8 / Message for opponents

SR: With the pleasure of meeting them, to confront the pairs who have the trade, to really discover the padel in competition with them.

MBH: See you soon for a good padel moment!

valdoise boys

1 / Fitness trail

Morgan MANNARINO (MM): I was a semi pro tennis player with a French ranking of -30. I have also been practicing beach tennis for a few years and finished 6th in the 2015 French Championships.

Jérémie CAMPOS (JC): I quit tennis 2 years ago after a series of injuries. I started playing padel, trail run and play golf again. My best tennis ranking was 3/6.

2 / The discovery of Padel

MM: I discovered the padel with my brother Jeremy Ritz and another friend on vacation at the Lacanau tennis club (equipped with 3 Padel tracks)

JC: With some Jérémy Ritz 4 years ago, by dint of hearing about it, I cracked and I tried.

3 / Experience and Goals

MM: Sportingly, I'm still a ranked tennis player - 2 / 6. In addition to a few parties with friends during the holidays, I play padel once or twice a month, in Paris. It is difficult to progress, for lack of regular parties. In the long term I would like to become champion of France and participate in the padel worlds.

JC: I play little, 1 times a month since this year and before, 1 times every 3 months. For lack of infrastructure and adversaries, it is difficult to play regularly in the Paris region.

For the future, the ideal would be to play at least 2 times a week, to progress and participate in some tournaments in Spain, this winter.

4 / Which club?

MM and JC: We played at Plessis Bouchard then at Sannois and again at Plessis Bouchard.

5 / Your partner?

MM: We know each other from a young age, are linked by a strong friendship, share holidays and evenings together. Playing together at the padel proved to be natural.

JC: I chose it because it is first one of my best friends, we know each other for more than 20 years but also and especially because it is the best, what a smash!

The other reason is that our regular regular partners do not play in the same league as us:

The famous Ritzou for Morgan and (the tracker) Raphaël Jannel padel> for me.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

(JC): There were no experienced teams and the level was not very high, however we had a great time with the new players from padel of the league. We hope of course that the level of newcomers will increase to be able to face them in other tournaments.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

(MM): For me, the favorites are the Cote d'Azur (friends of ours) and then come the Midi-Pyrénées and Provence. We would like to finish in the top 3 teams.

(JC): Have a regular level of play, go as far as possible in this table and why not get on the podium! We know that several teams are well prepared. The Robin and Jérémy pair are the strongest for me.

8 / Message for opponents

MM: Let's take advantage of this championship of France 2015 to illustrate, it may become more and more difficult ...

JC: Do not do too much, it drives me crazy ...

valdoise league

Christophe CHAVEROCHE - Development Advisor

1 / League league proceedings

Organized at the Plessis Bouchard club with 4 female pairs and 10 male pairs entered, 3 very convivial days.

2 / Positioning the league

Leisure and Competition

3 / Aids, actions and planned events

We offer clubs our support to help them approach the town halls for the construction of new tracks and thus ensure the promotion and development of the padel.

Tournaments are also organized in clubs with PADEL courts

There is a section dedicated to padel on the league website: http://www.ligue.fft.fr/val-d-oise

4 / Who to contact?

The development team (Employees and elected officials)

Jerome Becasset

Jérôme Béasset is the Paquito Navarro of the team Padel Magazine. Offensive on all subjects of the world of padel, he returns to many subjects with an always discerning eye.