Padel Magazine - What clubs, what atmospheres! The return to school in September was good in Lille with finally the establishment of the padel in this sporty city.

All lovers of padel will be in heaven when they see these two complexes, one in the south of the Lille region and the other in the northeast, dedicated exclusively to padel what are : Padel Sensation and Padel Attitude.

Padel Sensation: Padel and salsa, the winning pair

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Located in the northeast of the Lille region, Padel Sensation offers us a club of padel composed of 5 magnificent fields including 1 in singles. But not only, Padel Sensation has set up salsa evenings which create a magnificent atmosphere. Padel and Salsa, the winning pair? In any case, after 2 months of activity, Youssef, the club manager explains to us that their number of players titillates the 300 players… What a success! It must be said that this club is beautiful with, among other things, an XXL bar which allows you to live very easily in this club of padel with a direct view on the fields of padel. Building on this success, Padel Sensation is preparing a surprise for us at the end of the year with the expansion of its services ... (Fitness, Spa, etc.)

Padel Sensation plays the card of exchanges between the players and it is successful. For 4 hours, the grounds did not stop being full.

In addition, the club has set up its league Padel Sensation that is already very successful. For players wishing to participate in this league appointment directly on the site of Padel Sensation.

We interviewed Youssef Bachiri to learn more about his career, his club and his goals:

Padel Attitude: Full view

As soon as you walk through the door, you are amazed, 5 fields of padel indoor aligned in a hangar with a height of more than 10 meters, not counting the padel outdoor setting the tone. For players who are used to playing in Spain, they will not be disoriented. The Spanish professor Matheo immediately puts us in the bath. Impossible not to fall in love with this site.

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Thibaut Nollet and Pascal Duhamel, the managers have set the bar very high. The players are at the appointment. The Padel Attitude team is also setting up the Padel Social Club, a system that allows players to meet more easily and play 4.

Let's also come back to this first big tournament in Lille which animated the club on August 30th. 4 pools of 5 pairs, 20 pairs and 40 players, the public and a superb atmosphere were at the rendezvous under the legendary drizzle of Lille. If for some pairs, the competition was a first, for others the victory was a goal. For more information, a document produced by Padel Attitude is suggested to you below.

padel attitude tournament 2014

The Tanfin family is certainly the big winner of this tournament. If the two brothers did not play together, it was to better meet in the final, against each other. It is finally, Jonathan Saleta and Antoine Tanfin who prevail over Roineau and L. Tanfin (7 / 5) and will have the great chance to play against Mieres on Wednesday 24 September.

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