Young players are sometimes a little distracted on the track and they don't always keep an eye on the score. Laurent Klein Padel Score explain to us.

“As young players in padel acquire a mutual understanding of their teammate's game, they know when to take risks, when to defend or even attack. They can thus anticipate their movements and react accordingly. It is this understanding that determines the synergy of a team.

This also involves detecting the opposing team's weak points, or otherwise identifying key moments in the game and knowing perfectly the points and the progress of the score.

We too often observe young (and not so young) players wondering where the score stands, whether to change sides, or discovering, after losing the point, that it was a golden point !

Le Padel Score allows you to avoid this mental load, to have the score in front of your eyes without thinking and to be able to calmly think about your game and your strategy!”