Follow live the semi-finals of the ORO 24 Castellon 2021 tournament of the Spanish Federation of Padel. On the program only stamped matches World Padel Tour !

Superb posters in the semi-finals of this ORO 24 tournament in Castellon, in the Valencian Community. Less than a month before the resumption, the players of the World Padel Tour came to test each other and we will therefore logically see some very good semi-finals.

Arturo Coello Head Vision


We start with girls, with a nice meeting to follow in perspective:

  • Ana Cortiles (38 WPT) / Jessica Castello (34 WPT) vs Julieta Bidahorria (59 WPT) / Sara Ruiz (57 WPT)

The other semi-final (not shown), opposes:

  • Teresa Navarro (25 WPT) / Esther Carnicero (35 WPT) and Patricia Fortun (60 WPT) / Arantxa Soriano (65 WPT)

After the Castello / Cortiles vs Bidahorria / Ruiz semi-final, we move on to men, with a very nice meeting broadcast on Live:

The other semi-final, which is not broadcast, is also interesting since it pits a pair that does not lack talent and experience, to two young people who won the FIP Star de Mijas 2020.

  • Ramiro Moyano (28 WPT) / José Rico (39 WPT) vs Jesus Moya (88 WPT) / Edu Alonso (91 WPT)


To follow the matches, it's on the link just below and it's Rates from 10h00 !

A very beautiful day of padel in perspective since the finals of this tournament will follow, and that of the APT Padel Tower !

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