We did all the French west coast and part of the Spanish Basque coast to make an inventory of the French padel, but not only.

The first part of this saga padel will take us to the side of Laval, Bordeaux and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

We will then fly to the Spanish Basque coast where we will see that there is much to take on the other side of the border to allow us to compare and continue our development in France.

Sport In Park: "A passage for project leaders"

Our epic starts in Laval and more specifically at Sport In Park. This sports complex includes many sports including 5 football, squash, badminton but also karting recently. He was the first club in the region to offer paddle with his indoor 3 pitches.

The club was a "real booster" after Simon Boissé, one of the best French players padel and padel manager. According to him, "many projects are opening in Mayenne, Brittany and Normandy and many project leaders have gone through there, to develop and realize their project".

Recall that Simon Boissé and Samuel Devrand will be the club's representatives for the French paddle championships next October.

The 3F: "leisure first".

The 3F is an 2500m2 indoor multi-sports complex located in Château-Gontier in Mayenne, between Laval and Angers. Since almost 1 year, this sports complex offers 1 paddle field. So yes, the ceiling is not huge, and yet ... The site manager, Fabien Genbry proves that it is far from being a brake in this center. The field is regularly occupied with "an increase in bookings lately".

The 3F in numbers:

  • Padel indoor: 1 field
  • Number of Padel games played since opening: 367 (figures stopped at 31 / 07 / 15)
  • Number of parties / week on average: 9
  • Padel share in the total number of activity bookings: 8% (Squash: 55% / Foot: 18% / Bad: 12% / Bubble Foot: 5% / Golf: 2%)
  • Padel's share in total activity bookings: 8% (Foot: 39% / Squash: 29% / Bubble Foot: 17% / Bad: 5.5% / Golf: 1.5%)

Bordeaux: "a hub of the national padel"

For over a year, the padel has been invited to Bordeaux with today 3 centers:

  • Tennis Club de Bordeaux: 1 outdoor pitch
  • Squash and padel atmosphere: 1 outdoor pitch
  • Soccer Park Bordeaux: 2 indoor courts

squash atmosphereDirection squash club "Atmosphere squash", located in Mérignac near Bordeaux (33), it is one of the largest Aquitaine squash clubs with its 8 squash courts and paddle court. Jean-François Foix manager of the center sees further, wishing to set up within a year other padel pitches. "Objective 4 additional land including some covered". Plans would already be almost ready. Jean-François has the enormous advantage of having "undeveloped land and building a few steps from Bordeaux in a large economic zone." See you next year, certainly for a new big padel center in Aquitaine.

The Bordeaux SoccerPark also has some very interesting padel assets. First, first observation: Both lands are used even in the morning. There are "real enthusiasts who do not hesitate to come play regularly," says Yann Guilcher. Then, this club wants to be very active in the padel: "in September, we will successively host a stage of Padel Infinity Tour and a stage of the National Padel Cup". Hard to beat.

The Tennis Club de Bordeaux has also been in the padel for a few months and proposed there is 2 months a regional stage of the championships of France where Raphael Ouvrard / Grégory Monge and Mélanie Urvoy / Alexa Lafitte have won the title of champion of Guyenne de Padel 2015.

More generally, the region is full of projects, and there is no doubt that the Aquitaine region will welcome in the coming months new padel pitches.

The Tennis Club Luzien: « Already more than 10 years of padel »

Part of Padel's history starts here at the Luzien Tennis Club in Saint Jean de Luz. The fields have not escaped their past. Weary, tired, yes, but still padel courts in a beautiful setting with mountains and a blue sky in the background.

Tennis Club Luzien Padel

The president of the Tennis Club Luzien and general secretary of the CBBL league, Jean-Yves MAISONNAVE explains to us that " these lands already have more than 10 years ". President and local players therefore hope for help from the municipality for " at least renovate those lands that badly need it ».

On ground so all concrete from the ground to the wall, the TC Luzien hosted the first regional phase of the championships of France padel after having hosted there 5 years a regional phase of Beach Tennis.

Recall that Camille MAISONNAVE Alice TISSET and Justin Garnier / Franck Binisti will represent the CBBL league for the finals of the French Paddle Championships next October.

The 2 part will concern the Spanish Basque coast with the analysis of a number of professional players and coaches ...

Franck Binisti - PADEL MAGAZINE

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.