When for his FIP Gold in Perpignan, we were able to question the Mayor of this beautiful city: Louis Aliot.

Franck Binisti: Mr. Mayor, you are obviously present to take part in this great celebration!

Louis Aliot: This is a discovery for many! It's in the heart of Perpignan, on a beautiful town square, in front of the Dames de France. And I must say that everyone is delighted, and in addition you are entitled to a good crowd. Everything is in place for it to be a success.

FB: Is it also a policy of the Town Hall to want to develop this sport here?

TO: It is both public and private since there are private clubs which are at the forefront of padel and who are the engine of the padel in the Pyrénées-Orientales and in Perpignan. Public facilities are being equipped little by little, but it's true that it's a sport in the making. We can clearly see that there are more and more practitioners and this is good news.

FB: We hear French and Spanish, that's also Perpignan.

TO: It's a certain conviviality and it's something that brings people together and I'm delighted to see this event in Perpignan. And to tell you the truth, I even got into it a little bit.

FB: Do you yourself learn from these players for your future games?

TO: I played tennis for a long time and even did tennis-study at the time. I observe and it's true that it's very impressive to see and it seems much more physical than I thought.

FB: We will see you regularly on the slopes of padel ?

TO: On the French circuit no, but in Perpignan for sure. I have a lot of friends who play it and if only for my physical condition it's important to do it.

FB: This is a first in Perpignan but not the last?

TO: I hope ! We have seen the crowds, we have seen the partners who are mobilizing, we have simply seen the public. So I hope there will be other opportunities to meet here, or in another emblematic place in the city, why not in front of the Castillet.

Watch the full exchange below:

Blanche Cretinon

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