Semi-finalist of Premier Padel Bordeaux P2, Lucas Bergamini, a hardworking right-wing player measuring 1m65, explains to us the reasons for his move to the left with Pablo Cardona.

“I'm a right-handed player but I teamed up with left-hander Pablo Cardona for this tournament because of the circumstances: his teammate Javi Ruiz and mine, Victor Ruiz, were both injured. So as he also found himself alone, I offered to play with me and he accepted this adventure. When I was younger, despite my short stature, I played on the left, so I developed as a left-wing player. That's why I proposed this challenge to Pablo, because I know more or less how to play on that side. It's not like I've spent my whole life on the right, but it's still very difficult because it's been years since I last played on the left! Despite everything, I am quite happy with the sensations I was able to have.”

“Of course I suggested playing on the left because I knew that next to me I had Pablo who is very tall, who hits very hard, and who takes care of the things that I cannot do. In the end, it was as if I had the role of a right-wing player but on the left: I prepared the point so that he had an exploitable ball and finished the job.”

And it worked quite well because Bergamini and Cardona made it all the way to the semi-final, where they took a set from the eventual tournament winners, Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto! Will we see the Brazilian again on the left? Not soon in any case since he meets his usual partner Victor Ruiz this week in Rome!

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