Lucas Campagnolo, who will play the first career final on an Open of World Padel Tour, goes to the microphone of Padel Magazine for the occasion.

Campagnolo and Garrido are living a waking dream. For this first tournament of 2022, the two players respectively 39th and 20th in the ranking of the World Padel Tour defy all predictions in Miami!

Indeed, after having dominated the numbers 1 Lebron and Galan in the eighth, the Brazilian and the Andalusian released Pablo Lima and Maxi Sanchez in quarter, then Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia in the semi-finals! An exceptional performance for this duo formed at the end of last season and which demonstrates impressive solidity on the track.

While he was resting last night after his match, “Campa” agreed to answer our questions and tell us about this incredible epic during which he and his partner eliminated the seeds 1, 3 and 6! The native of Porto Alegre also talks to us about his repositioning on the right and the very big match which is announced this afternoon against Bela and Coello !

“Tomorrow we will play an epic match”

Always in his little bubble, Lucas looks back on these incredible victories and shares his feelings with us:

"I did not expect this, if someone had told me that this tournament would be like this I would not have believed it ! I think Javi and I still don't realize what we've achieved.

We continue to celebrate the victory in the semi-finals. We are very happy, there is not much to say except that we must continue to believe in ourselves, to work hard. Tomorrow we will have to play an epic match for us because it will be our first final and not against anyone because we will fight against the best player in history, Bela. And what is certain is that we will give everything during the game."

A change of position that pays off

The Brazilian confided in his feelings about his side change on the track.

“It's a job we had already done with Gabi (Reca), and when I was younger I started playing on the right. It was when I arrived in Spain when I joined Lucas Bergamini that I swung to the left.

However, I never stopped practicing drive. I really like playing on this side of the track because I feel comfortable. I always thought if I came back to the right with the defensive solidity I have and a powerful partner we could be a dangerous pair.

Today I am lucky to have one of the best players in terms of physical potential and with a lot of work and faith in this project we will achieve great things.

“Tomorrow awaits us a more aggressive match”

On the eve of his first final, Lucas told us how he saw his match tomorrow against an increasingly strong pair.

Fernando Belasteguin and Arturo Coello impressed during this Open, by the solidity they showed but also by the way they imposed themselves, with an intractable Bela and an always decisive Coello.

The Brazilian tells us more about what awaits him this Sunday.

"For the moment we have not yet discussed tomorrow's match among ourselves but the conditions should not be the same.

Indeed when we played this week it was often during the last rounds, there was more humidity. It favors my right game because it allows me to throw more lobs and slow down the pace if needed.

I imagine that tomorrow we will play around 15:00 p.m., it will be difficult for me to lob Arthur (Coello) because he will explode the ball at the smash. It will be a less strategic and more aggressive game for both pairs.

It is true that Bela is precise in his shots, however we still have significant attacking potential. We will see if we can take advantage of it.”

See you this Sunday after the ladies' final for this clash between two teams that we did not expect at such a level during this Miami Padel Open - World Padel Tour

Find now the interview in Spanish with Lucas Camapagnolo

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