What can two no.1s tell each other in their respective fields? Lucia Sainz, leader of Race 2020 with her now ex-teammate Gemma Triay, gave a lesson in padel à Ibai Plains, the benchmark for streamers in Spain.

Ibai who?

If in France, his name does not tell us anything, in Spain on the other hand, Ibai Llanos is a celebrity, mainly among the under 20s. With 3.4 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, the native of Bilbao beats audience records on the platform Twitch. He's so popular with Gen Z that prestigious La Liga soccer gave him the commentary on the Atlético de Madrid-Valencia CF clash to attract a younger, ultra-connected audience.

Audience record

Llanos has recently taken up residence in Barcelona and has installed a padel his home. To inaugurate it, he did things very big since Lucía Sainz and Gaby Reca came to hit the ball with him and Antonio Pino “Reven”, a fellow streamer. The match was obviously filmed, in conditions worthy of the World Padel Tour. Broadcast on Twitch, it attracted nearly 105.000 viewers throughout the broadcast with a peak of almost 150.000 spectators. A nice record that ensured a huge promotion of padel with a target who is often more inclined to stay at home than to let off steam outside.


Double bubble ...

The goal of Ibai Llanos and Reven was certainly not sporty and from this point of view, it is rather successful since the two friends picked up a gorgeous 6-0 6-0 ! “I don't think I've ever received such a beating in my whole life”, Llanos had fun on Twitter. Interviewed by the sports daily Marca, Lucía Sainz came out of this experience enchanted: "it was great, the editing of the match was extra. They work a lot on their content, it's huge. They are two very charming boys, much more shy than what they show on the networks ”.

To spice up the meeting, the Sainz-Reca pair were the subject of a bet: “We agreed at the start that if they scored us 10 points out of all 2 sets, Gaby and I would end up in the pool!”, explained Lucía. “I gave them homework so they could improve. They told me that with this field, they will play a lot more ”. The appointment is already made for a revenge!

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