The president of the FIP Luigi Carraro and the elected official in charge of padel at the FFT Hubert Picquier gave us a few words after the final of the European Championships Padel.

Beyond a successful event, we will retain the presence of the European Olympic Committees. A step forward towards the Olympics.

Luigi Carraro: “It's a fantastic competition. Today 1800 people have gathered here in Rome to watch the final. It's a sports festival, a celebration of padel. We received visits from the European Olympic Committees who watched all the matches during the 4 days.

President Giovanni Malagò was with us, he confirmed his support for us. He confirmed that the FIP is doing it right. And we are there with Hubert Picquier whom I wanted to have with me. He is not only responsible for Padel in France, he is European champion and he is also the vice-president of the FIP. And if this event went well, it is thanks to the work of the FIP board.

It's been months since we worked on this event but also on the World Junior Championships that ended. We are happy. I thank the media and the public. It is only one of the first events of a long history that we write together. "

PM: “Hubert, I thought I heard revenge in France in two years? "

Hubert Picquier: "Yes I hope there will be a revenge. I hope it can be done in France but for now we do not have the facilities to accommodate. One thing is certain, we can congratulate the Italian Federation for the splendid organization. Congratulations Luigi. "

LC: “Well done to all of us. "

Leonard Bassi

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