This morning, we learned of the creation of a new international circuit resulting from the close collaboration between the International Federation of Padel (FIP) and Qatar Sports Investments (QSI). Luigi Carraro, president of the FIP provides details in another press release.

Here is the press release in question translated by us:

The FIP launches today a new world circuit of padel, which will be the only official circuit of our sport and which will mark a turning point in the history of our sport.

This new chapter of Padel, under the leadership of FIP, sees the professionalization, commercialization and globalization of sport in an endeavor that is fully supported by the world's leading players, represented by the Professional Players Association (PPA), as well as a new long-term strategic investor – Qatar Sports Investments (QSI).

QSI is the investment group behind several leading sports brands and companies, and it will bring significant capital, as well as its unrivaled expertise and business acumen in developing sports and brands on the global stage. .

It is important to note that the new circuit is the only official circuit under the governance and regulations of the FIP – including the benefit of the official FIP player ranking system – while the circuit will also be under the auspices of the international sports community and institutions, including the rules and guidance of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

From a governance perspective, player representatives will sit on various committees under this new initiative, directly contributing to shaping the future of their sport. Our players will – finally – be treated as partners, not as assets, and placed at the very center of the development of our sport.

This moment also marks a change of stage for each of the national federations that make up FIP, whose roles and voices will be more respected, highlighted and influenced, while more resources will also be made available to them to develop their programs. locals and they will be the protagonists of the integral development of our sport. The future is in our hands.

In the days and weeks to come, we will share more information with you on key elements, such as our new international calendar, a new commercial venture which will bring our sport fantastic new sponsors, broadcasters and partners, and a new brand. dynamic that will introduce our sport to the world.

In the meantime, on behalf of FIP, thank you for your support.

This day marks a new and bright era for the padel,

I look forward to discussing with each of the federations the role they will play in what we look forward to with optimism and belief that we will take our sport to the next level.

Thomas Jay

After being rocked by tennis for nearly 15 years, I became an absolute fan of its cousin, the padel. For nearly a year now, I've been chasing the little yellow ball with another racquet, but with just as much passion! Based in Lyon, I intend to make you better acquainted with the padel in the region and on a national level.