Our colleagues from Relief interviewed Luis Alonso-Lasheras, the man behind the X account “El Pádel es Así".

For those who don't know him, Luis Alonso-Lasheras is passionate about padel, who somehow stopped everything to devote himself to his passion: padel. Indeed, this telecommunications engineer, who has touched a bit of everything in his life, considers himself an “entrepreneur who tries to reinvent himself in each project”. As proof, before embarking on this adventure Luis went from creating a music website to managing two restaurants, opening a wine boutique, or even working as a consultant for a company…

Now thriving with his account El Pádel es Así, the content creator, often with a somewhat spicy style, looks back on the big incident he experienced with Delfi Brea. A slightly sarcastic post from the person concerned on the comeback from Bea and Delfi against Alejandra Salazar and Tamara Icardo in Seville, did not much please the Argentine player, who had published two messages on X before deleting them: “What happened with her made me think. I was very impressed that Delfi wrote about me at 1 a.m., and then again at 6 a.m., while she was playing a final the next day. I said to myself: this girl was really touched by what I wrote…”.

The post in question:

“A psychiatrist on the trail, please”

In the campaign against Luis, Delfi did not necessarily succeed in achieving his objective if we are to believe the content creator: “It was beneficial to me that Delfi launched a campaign to stop tracking me. It put me in the spotlight. I would prefer that this type of thing not happen, but if we talk about traffic and repercussions, it is favorable to the project.”

For those who would like to read the interview in its entirety (in Spanish), it is here !

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