Africa's biennial tournament Padel Cup, organized by the African Confederation of padel, took place this year in Mauritania, from June 6 to 9, 2024, in the Sahara Padel Club in Nouakchott. This competition saw the participation of the selections of Mauritania, Madagascar and Burundi.

The private circuit MPPT (Malagasy Pro Padel Tower) took the bold step of taking a competitive team to this event, under the aegis of the Malagasy Federation of Padel. This partnership between the MPPT and the federation was crucial in ensuring the meticulous preparation and sending of Malagasy athletes to this competition.

The organizer, the African Confederation of Padel, is actively involved in the development of this sport on the continent. By organizing events such as Africa Padel Cup, it encourages the practice of padel and contributes to its development. Its role is crucial in bringing out new talents and promoting padel in Africa.

The tournament culminated with a thrilling final between Madagascar and Mauritania. After the group stages, the Malagasy were able to win against the Mauritanians in the final, demonstrating technical and strategic superiority. Mauritania, for its first participation, has nothing to be ashamed of and has shown promising potential for the future.

Madagascar's victory is all the more significant, testifying to the quality of their preparation and their determination. The arrival of the Malagasy Pro circuit Padel Tour in 2023, which offers recurring competitions in Madagascar, has greatly contributed to the competitive development of players. Players who have been welcomed as heroes upon their return home !

The success of this edition of Africa Padel Cup organized by the CAP marks an important step for the future of this growing sport on the African continent. It promises a bright future, with expectations for an even higher level of competition in the next edition in two years.