Once is not customary, we appeal to all readers: Why do you think the players of the World Padel Tour decide to break their pair, sometimes even in a very astounding way, to reform soon after in a more extravagant way.

One has the impression that the word has been passed on in the ladies as well as the gentlemen to propose us a season 2019 with new pairs, and sometimes even, pairs that one did not imagine.

Amazement in girls

In the ladies, we will not come back on it, but still ... the separation between Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar was a hall noise ... But we did not believe it. Yet 2 days after their victory at the Masters last Sunday, they officially announce their separation with obviously very nice words to each other ...

Seriously, can we explain why these two girls who seemed to appreciate both on the field and off did not want to continue the adventure ... Especially since they had everything to become the world's number one again.

No, we do not understand. and we count on you to explain us.

The story does not stop there since we learn that Sanchez / Ortega also separates ... And finally yesterday, Martita Ortega and Marta Marrero formalize their association. The sounds of corridors for weeks turn out to be just ...

For now, on paper, Alejandra Salazar is above Martita Ortega. More powerful, more regular, more experienced, former No. 1 a world, and with all the luggage to become again, Marta Marrero has nevertheless made the choice to play with Martita Ortega. Be careful, do not tell us what we did not say. Martita is a very good player who can certainly pass caps and maybe even prove to us next year that we were wrong. But today, given the benefits, it's incomprehensible. And that's the game of competition.

At the gentlemen, we have fun!

Good in gentlemen, then there is never seen. Almost everyone decides to change partners with sometimes pungent associations ...

Miguel Lamperti / Lucio Capra: Interesting. And we want to see what happens on the field. Yet Miguel Lamperti / Juani Mieres, it worked well on the field. The season of Capra is more mixed with Ramiro Moyano. It is rather logical that these two players decide to change.

Juani Mieres / Ale Galan: A pair that will play well together. Everyone plays well with Juani Mieres. Maybe the latter will bring a plus in term of regularity to Ale Galan.

Paquito Navarro / Juan Lebron: Er ... what is this b ... ..? We loose ourselves a little. And it's true that it's a very curious association. Juan Lebron and Juan Martin Diaz had achieved beautiful things as in this Masters. They could have tried the adventure for next year. With Paquito, we imagine that Juan Lebron, the player on the left will move to the right. A change of position ...

Matias Diaz / Franco Stupaczuk: An association that will be monitored inevitably. Mati on the right and Stupa on the left. A pair that we will find in the world top 10.

The waltz of changes is not over because in the coming days we will learn new changes.

Olivier Barray, Casa player Padel and the Pyramids Club, explains to us that it is “surprised by some associations and many changes that can be seen on the pro circuit."It is also this passionate player who will teach us his surprise at the association Lebron / Navarro.

That whoever anticipated this association raises his hand!

It is true that we are often told to stay with a partner and learn to play with him ... Except that among the pros, it's not really what happens.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.