The men's previas have delivered their verdict among the men, so it's time for the start of the 32nd finals this Monday at Malaga.

Among the most enticing matches, we of course think of Gutiérrez / Rico vs Lijo / Diestro.

We will also follow the meeting between Tolito Aguirre / Gonzalo Rubio and José Jimenez / Pincho Fernandez.

Tolito's teammate on the A1 Padel, Gonzalo Alfonso, replaces Ramiro Moyano (injured in Genoa) alongside Xisco Gil. This pair, which has never played an official match before, begins against qualifiers Gonzalez and Marti.

Note that for the girls, it is the last round of the previas which is played this Monday, with four matches on the program, and only two seeds still in the running!

The program of the day:

To follow the (men’s) matches, go to the YouTube channel of Premier Padel from 10:00 p.m.

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