Not all favorite pairs experience a similar start to Malaga P1 as that of Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez!

We were able to see this this afternoon with Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez who had to fight to get rid of Léa Godallier / Giorgia Marchetti, a pair who seemed to revive in Andalusia after their defeat in the first round of the previous in Genoa!

In the padel, everything can change very quickly, and we saw it clearly in this meeting, which began with a bang by the favorites who won the first round 6/0 before seriously complicating their task.

Playing their luck to the fullest, Godallier and Marchetti snatched the second set in the tie-break, in front of a Palais des Sports Martin Carpena who could not believe his eyes.

Behind, the outsiders continued to bother the favorites who still ended up winning after 2h39 of the match: 6/0 6/7 (6) 6/4. Thanks to this success, Argentina and the local team qualified for the quarter-finals. Tomorrow, those who lost at this stage of the competition against Riera / Goenaga at Genova P2, will try to return to the last four. To achieve this they will have to beat Aranzazu Osoro and Marta Marrero who crushed Salazar / Virseda (6/3 6/1). A task which does not look easy given the current poor form of Delfi and Bea and the performance provided today by Aranzazu and Marta…

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