We have already talked about it many times, Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno are two players who are very close in life, and who after a stage together among the youth, had decided to reform this famous duo in early 2023.


And it worked rather well, with a title at the Doha Major and a year marked by great consistency. Moreover, at the end of the season, they had not come far from taking the leadership from a Coello and a Tapia in relative decline.

But Franco and Martin's first half of the year was a bit disappointing. Relegated to the rank of third pair by Chingotto / Galan, Carlos Pozzini's players no longer manage to find their way to the finals. In this context, they have put an end to their association, Di Nenno wanting to try a blow with Lebron, Stupaczuk then falling back on the fiery Yanguas.

Thus, like several other pairs, the super kids are playing their last tournament together this week in Malaga. But will this competition really be the last for this pair?


As we have seen, some fans do not really believe in the Di Nenno / Lebron association and think that Martin is taking a risk by associating himself with a “Lobo” who has not played on the left for five years. And if this association did not work out, the native of Ezeiza could simply try to get closer to his friend Stupa. Indeed, during his Instagram publication formalizing this separation which he initiated, Martin declared: “I am certain that it is a “see you soon” because it is always a pleasure to be By your side".

So in your opinion, will Martin and Franco be back together soon or are they really playing their last on the same side of the track this week in Malaga ?

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