At only 24 years old, Manon Marcarie, former French Interleague handball champion and French vice-champion in rugby union, is now establishing herself as a promising figure in the padel French. The journey of the current 26th in the FFT ranking, marked by a daring transition from ball to racket, can become a source of inspiration for many athletes.

From football, handball and rugby fields to tennis courts padel

Manon Marcarie

“Born in Bayonne, I began my sporting career in football before discovering handball at the age of 9 in my hometown. During my year of sports study in 2014, I reached my highest level by winning the title of French Interleague Champion. Subsequently, I briefly ventured into rugby, where I also obtained the title of vice-champion of France with the regional selection in 2016.”

The discovery of padel in college

“Influenced by my family who played tennis, I was seduced by this sport during a summer session near my home in the Basque Country. I wanted to continue in Bordeaux by registering for the option offered by my law school and supervised by Béatrice Aucouturier in 2019.”

The rise in the world of padel

Manon Marcarie

“The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 put a temporary brake on my competitive ambitions, but upon resumption in 2021, I began to participate in my first P250 level tournaments until winning the title of French university champion with Manon Delanlay. My meeting with Mandé Nouals from Big padel, which was made thanks to Béatrice, was a turning point, because she integrated me into a group of regional players, which allowed me to increase the frequency of my games.”

“A few months later, I started taking group lessons with Jean-Thomas Peyrou. Then, thirsty for progression, I joined its academy in January 2023 with Cassandra Senjean who shared the same ambitions as me.” 

His objectives and style of play

“Currently I train three times a week with Jean-Thomas then twice a week with Gaël Le Glédic at the Ultimate Physical center. I aim to enter the Top 20 before September. I also aspire to qualify for my first French Championships with Cassandra and to participate in my first FIP ​​tournaments in the second part of the season if my level allows it.”

“I would say that my style is characterized by a tactical approach, focused on building the point especially for my partner, but I work to become more aggressive so that I too can be able to shorten the rallies.”

Professional commitment and sponsor support

“After failing my lawyer exam at the start of the school year, I dedicated myself fully to padel, by embarking on TFP training to obtain the instructor diploma. I benefit from the support of sponsors like Kuikma et Joko Padel, which will allow me to continue my season more calmly in 2024.”

Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.