Let's go for the second part of the round of 16 at Mar Del Plata Premier Padel P1 this Wednesday. After a Tuesday marked by Chiostri/Sanchez Blasco sensation, we are expecting a big show today with the entry into the running of the best pairs in the world for both men and women.

On the French side, we will of course follow the entry into contention of Alix Collombon and her partner Julieta Bidahorria against the 5th seed Ortega / Virseda. A very difficult draw for the Franco-Argentinian pair, but you never know, with the support of the public, the Lyonnaise and her partner could perhaps beat the odds.

Among the girls, the match that seems the hottest is the one between the pair formed for two tournaments (Mar Del Plata and Santiago) Osoro / Orsi (Osoro will join Marrero from Bordeaux) and two solid young Top 50 players: Marta Caparros and Marta Barrera.

For the men, the match of the day should be Stupa / Di Nenno vs Libaak / Augsburger!

The program :

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