Marc Cochet is the founder of Blue Padel and he was in charge of the Blue Padel Cup. However, this enthusiast padel was not at all promised to this career, he who experienced a radical life change in 2023.

At the microphone Padel Magazine, Marc Cochet looks back on his beginnings in the padel and on this very first edition of the Blue Padel Cup

Almost a decade of padel

I started on padel 9 years ago with a friend, who lived for several years in Spain. He was the one who introduced me to the sport but I didn't play much at the time.

I have always played racket sports, starting like many with tennis at the age of 7 for 5 years, but I mainly played squash for twenty years.

For 3 years now, I have devoted myself to padel. I had a long professional career in an international company in the elevator sector, where I was always in contact with customers and managed sales teams.

2023, a new milestone

A year ago, I decided to radically change my life. After twenty-two years of good and loyal service, I got into sports events, more specifically in the padel.

Marc Cochet Blue Padel Cup

To gain credibility in this new universe, I spent and obtained my TFP coaching diploma fifteen days ago. This diploma is an asset in the organization of events and allows me, as today, to be a referee thanks to my JAP1. It is also useful for guiding beginners or those who wish to improve by providing them with a game structure.

The Blue Padel Cup

As part of the final stages of the BLUE PADEL UPC, we have thirteen teams from various backgrounds, like Nice Airport which created a section padel, large companies like Vinci Facilities Tertiaire which was also a partner and welcomed us to its premises for the launch of the tournament as part of its “Serenity” service & reception offer; there were local structures in several sectors of activity.

Blue Padel Cup 2024

The idea is to offer business leaders or event managers the opportunity to participate in this unique competition., with prestigious prizes offered by renowned partners such as SBM in Monaco and Negresco in Nice.

The winners receive a hotel night for two at the Monte Carlo Bay, a seaside hotel in Monaco, which is quite exceptional for a tournament. padel In France. Finalists win a spa session at Negresco. This is a high level service tournament with meals and drinks included, making it an event combining leisure, sport and networking.

Le padel is gaining importance in the business world, allowing employees to strengthen their ties and create a network in a friendly atmosphere.

Two types of reactions

In talking with the participants, I noticed two types of reactions: those who already practice padel are immediately interested, while others, attracted by the network of participating companies, are interested after a few explanations. The competition, which lasted three months, allowed numerous exchanges and the creation of links between the teams, reinforced by shared meals after each match.

Sport has always been part of my life, and organizing events in this area was a logical continuation after my career as a sales manager. Le padel, with its friendly and playful spirit, is a sport that everyone quickly appreciates.

A male omnipresence

However, there are still predominantly men in these leisure competitions, which is regrettable. During a recent event with notaries, out of forty-five participants, only five or six were women. Many others would have wanted to participate but did not dare, fearing not to be up to the task.

There is real work to be done to encourage women to participate, perhaps by organizing pools, women's categories and/or mixed teams.

The second edition already on track!

This edition has generated real enthusiasm and calls for other events. For me, it was a successful first, and I was contacted by many people interested in participating in future editions. So I'll see you at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year for an even bigger event., with perhaps different levels and specific final stages.

We will certainly repeat this experience and I look forward to seeing you there. Do not hesitate to contact BLUE PADEL which also organizes events for companies, such as seminars, team-building, tournaments, for your employees, suppliers or customers. Join us on our site

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.