It's official, Marta Marrero will make her comeback on the slopes. And we now know when, and with whom! It will be in Bordeaux, with Aranzazu Osoro!

A few days ago, Marrero announced that it was ready for a return in June, but left the name of his new teammate unclear. There is now no longer any doubt: as revealed by the inscriptions from Bordeaux Premier Padel P2, it is alongside Aranzazu Osoro that the 41-year-old player will return to competition.

The Argentine player, who announced the end of her partnership with Carmen Goenaga a few days ago, has therefore decided to completely change her partner style. She moves from Goenaga's youth and potential to Marrero's experience. We do not currently know the identity of the one who will now evolve with Carmen.

For their part, Marta and Aranzazu should form an experienced, rough and eye-catching pair. In your opinion, what can this new association hope for in Gironde?

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