Marta Marrero, who took a break from her career to become a mother a year and a half ago, is preparing to make his return on professional tournaments. The 41-year-old player confided it to our colleagues at Padel Addict.

The Canarian, who has never played in the tournaments of the Premier Padel, should soon make its debut on the circuit financed by Qatar Sports Investments. In June, we will of course have the Bordeaux P2, then the Italian Major. Will we see the former world number 1 in France? This seems very possible given the level she is already showing in training!

Indeed, even if she claims that she only trains in the morning to take care of her daughter in the afternoon, Marrero seems very fit. If her return is no longer in doubt, now we wonder who will be the player with whom she will share the track.

To this question, the player of the Team Black Crown replies that she hasn't validated anything yet but that she has an idea in mind. Problem is, the player she is thinking of is already involved in a project with someone else. Will the person in question decide to leave their partner to work alongside the experienced Marta?

Bad news for those nostalgic who dreamed of seeing an association between Marrero and Salazar: the Canarian announced that the player she was thinking of was young. It is therefore certainly not the Madrilenian who will celebrate her 39th birthday this year…

Will we see Marta in Bordeaux? With whom ? A few more weeks to wait!

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