We have already talked about it, Marta Marrero will perform his big comeback during P2 Bordeaux. And the former number 1, who will be accompanied by Aranzazu Osoro, does not intend to return to make up the numbers.

Indeed, like Fernando Belasteguin, the 41-year-old player, is coming back to be competitive, as she explained to our colleagues at Diario Sport:

“I want to rediscover the pleasure on the pitch, that's what I've missed over the last two years. I had lost the competitive spirit that characterized me. And, obviously, I want to feel like I can compete with everyone, and I dream of reaching the finals. I know it’s not going to be easy.”

Not only because of her age, but also because of the new organization she must put in place:

“The idea is to travel with my family, with my daughter. But it's much more complex. At this time of the season, it’s true that we travel more to Europe, but it will be complicated.”

“Now I only train in the morning and spend the afternoon with my daughter. Before, I had all the time I wanted.”

Despite these changes, Marta keeps her fortune, and the one that sees itself continuing “as long as she wants it and her body allows it” looking forward to making her debut at Roland Garros as a tennis player padel "

“I already played there when I was a tennis player and now I really want to try the experience as a tennis player. padel. The last time I played there I was 24.”

But before going to Paris at the end of September, Marta will make her big return to Bordeaux this weekend!

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