Last October, the ex number 1 Sebastian Nerone announced his retirement as a professional player of padel.

The one who preceded Bela on the first place of the podium in the 2000s, has decided at 45 to tidy up the pala to devote himself to new activities, but always in the padel.

It was clear to the current commentator of the matches of the World Padel Tour that he was not going to spend his second life far from the land of padel.

Today Padel Magazine is interested in an open letter from the famous trainer Martin Echegaray in which he pays homage to his compatriot and friend.

“A sportsman dies twice”

Guillermo Vilas, a former Argentine professional tennis player who later became a poet, once said that athletes die twice. The first when they retire and the second when it is their time.

This sentence marked me to the point of commenting on it in my book “Simply Padel".

Unfortunately in our sport we too often skip the steps. The first is to keep in mind the great figures of the discipline. For me, the best generation of professional players was the one that came after mine. ”

“To name just two, I would speak of Baby auguste who now is in charge of a huge project for the development of our sport. And the second would be Gaby Reca, one of the best coaches who, in addition to supporting great players on the WPT circuit, also manages several clubs. He was also one of those people who took part in this great growth of the padel.

This shows that these champions do not withdraw from the padel, they just stop playing professionally! ”

Seba Nerone is not retiring

“Sebastian Nerone is not one of those who start to do nice things for the padel when they put away the pal. No ! He has already started a few years before formalizing his decision to no longer play as a professional.

Ambassador for big brands like BMW, Adidas, Philips, the headliner of the club of Fuencarral, which marked our history and especially a very great commentator of padel, Seba works in the padel for many years, both inside and outside the slopes. ”

sebastian nerone sports museum madrid

“For me there will always be three types of retired players: those who will owe a lot to padel, then those who more or less will have brought as much as received, and finally those to whom the padel will never be able to give back all that they have given him.

Sébastian is the very example of the third type of player. Creator of trend, who put style in this sport and who in silence taught us how to understand the padel...

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