Black Friday is approaching and there are already some very interesting offers for all those who would like to take advantage of this period to renew their equipment. padel.

Le Black Friday, it is day to day a week, but brands, equipment sales sites, and physical stores are anticipating this “event” by already offering many discounts in advance.

Click and Collect clubs

Remember that during this period of confinement, many clubs offer the Click and Collectas an that of Padel Touch La Teste, Padel Horizon, or Padel Attitude. So don't hesitate to ask your clubs what options they offer you.

Padel Touch click and collect

It's already gone for shops and brands

At our partner brands, there are already very good deals, 40% off t-shirts and sweatshirts at Twenty By Ten, palas to -40% in Padel Reference, PadelShop et Racket Padel, packs up to -60% at French Padel Shop.

Some brands have also taken the lead, Cartri offers until 29/11, a top level pack at -33%, Head also offers discounts throughout its website, and other brands should get started very soon.

Cartri Black Friday


So feel free to take a look in the categories: Shop Gear Padel et Brands Palas to see the latest offers from our partners!



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