Maxi Grabiel didn't really appreciate seeing his foals Coki Nieto and Jon Sanz, victorious in Bordeaux, being taken out as soon as they entered the fray in Rome. During a change of sides, the Argentinian technician complained about the conditions outdoor, which are admittedly not ideal once night falls:

“The match is awful, it's really awful, but hey, we have to play in these conditions. They want us to play outside so we play outside, but it sucks to play padel in these conditions. It's like that…"

Not long ago, another veteran, Willy Lahoz, also addressed the subject of indoor and outdoor tournaments. It is obvious that many players prefer indoor conditions, because they do not require the same adaptations. But for fans, it is more pleasant when the weather is good to be able to attend outdoor matches. This is the reason why the Premier Padel organizes its 4 Major outdoors.

And you, what do you think ? Rather in favor of indoor or outdoor?

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