Another version 2.0 which will not have worked for Sanyo Gutierrez. Indeed, our colleagues from VeinteDiez have just announced it: Maxi Sanchez and Sanyo will separate after the Rome Major next week.

Indeed, this is the second separation that Sanyo Gutierrez has experienced this season, just after the one with Paquito Navarro. He who seemed nostalgic this season, wanting to play again with old partners, is experiencing new disappointment. Lack of results - and premature elimination at Bordeaux P2 – must be the main reason for this sudden separation.

Bordeaux P2 Maxi Sanchez Sanyo Gutierrez

Therefore, we should see both players with a new teammate. Their new partners are rumored to be mike yanguas et Javi Garrido. Indeed, if nothing is official, some disagreements have been observed between the Spanish pair. Just recently in Bordeaux, the two players had a heated exchange on the bench, concerning - a new time - Javi Garrido's serve.

Therefore, it would be likely to see an association Mike Yanguas / Maxi Sanchez as well as a duet Sanyo Gutierrez / Javi Garrido.

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