Le Padel French Deaf and Hard of Hearing experienced an exploit during the European tournament which took place on June 1 and 2, 2024 near Madrid, at the Euroindoor in Alcorcòn, a complex with 18 tracks. This tournament is the second in a circuit of four European tournaments organized by the Padel Sord Tour.

In the main draw of category A (the highest), Maxime Sanchez, previous semi-finalist at the first tournament of the circuit in Malaga, and Vincent Louis, who was making his first tournament, shone. Our two protagonists drew on their resources to eliminate the Spanish number 1 pair with a score of 4/6, 6/4, 6/2 in the first round. They then continued their rise by brilliantly qualifying for the final. After a journey strewn with pitfalls, they ended up losing in the final against the Spanish number 2 with a score of 6/2, 6/4. A performance that remains remarkable.

Maxime Sanchez should do well in the general European ranking and enter the Top 3, or even come and tickle first place!

But that's not all, other French men and women were present: 2 female pairs and 9 male pairs also performed well in different categories.

Here is the summary of all the results :

At the men, in the main draw in Category A:

  • Maxime Sanchez, Vincent Louis: 2nd place.
  • Nicolas Lanfranchi, Samuel Orsingher: eliminated in the 1st round, facing a pair seeded 2.

In Category B :

  • Nicolas Didier, Noel Cheikh: 2nd place.
  • Kevin Soccorro, Thomas Figliuzzi: quarter-finals.
  • Almog Shemer, Ezio Bramato: quarter-finals.

In Category C:

  • Nicolas Moroté, Anthony Noguera: 5th place
  • Michael Jacob, Arnaud Molina: winner.

At the women, in Category A:

  • Sylvie Moustahsine, Nelly Guyot: 3rd place.
  • Laure Arnal, Myriam Cheickh: 4th place.

You will find all the results here.

New life very promising for the padel French deaf and hard of hearing who should arouse interest from the French Tennis Federation in the coming days, to provide the means to develop this sector.

It is important to understand that the players are part of different Deaf Sports Associations (ASS) across the four corners of France:

Category A tournament finalists:

  • Vincent Louis – ASTolosa (Toulouse)
  • Maxime Sanchez – ASS Nîmes

Women's tournament:

  • 3rd place Sylvie Moustahsine, Nelly Guyot – Etoile Sportive des Sourds de Vitry
  • 4th place Laure Arnal, Myriam Cheickh – Association Sourde Réal Marseille

Category B tournament:

  • Finalists: Nico Didier (ESSV Paris), Noël Cheickh – Réal Marseille
  • ¼ finalists: Thomas Figliuzzi, Kevin Soccorro – ASS Nice
  • ¼ finalists: Almog Shemer and Ezio Bramato – ESSVitry

Category C Tournament Winners:

  • Mika Jacob and Arnaud Molina – Réal Marseille