As you have certainly seen if you follow the news padel, the last few weeks have been very hectic, with many changes among both players. What are the new pairs? We take stock.

The confirmed pairs who debut in Genoa

Starting this week, several new pairs are at work at Premier Padel Genova P2. For the gentlemen we have:

  • Sanyo Gutiérrez / Alex Arroyo
  • Lucho Capra / Maxi Sanchez
  • Edu Alonso / Alex Chozas

Among the women, even better ranked duos have separated, and we will follow the pairs this week:

  • Sofia Araujo / Marta Ortega
  • Alejandra Salazar / Veronica Virseda
  • Virginia Riera / Carmen Goenaga

Note that Alejandra Salazar should reunite with Tamara Icardo when she recovers, so there should still be some additional changes at that time.

Pairs announced after Malaga P1

It is certain, the Malaga P1 will be the last Superpibes tournament, who formalized their separation, but also normally from several other pairs. For the moment nothing has been confirmed yet, but here are the pairs that should be formed after the Andalusian P1 for the men:

  • Lebron / Di Nenno
  • Stupaczuk / Yanguas
  • Navarro / Cardona

At the moment it is not yet known who Javi Garrido and Javi Ruiz will play with. In all likelihood, there should be more separations... The next few days promise to be more interesting!

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