Focus on the Spaniard Miguel Gonzalez, finalist of the P2000 PadelShot Caen with Benjamin Grué. The 94th in the FIP ranking comes to our microphone and allows us to know a little more about him.

The victory against Bergamini / Ruiz in Acapulco: the big blow at the start of the year

“I didn't think there was such a level in France. We had some difficult matches and a bit of luck in the semi-final with Benoit Theard's ankle injury, I hope he recovers quickly. The final was very difficult against Johan Bergeron and Max Moreau who I know well.”

“Last year I played my first main draw in Madrid, it was incredible because I had been at the gates of the checks, so that was nice.

At the start of the year, I am very happy with the victory (Editor's note: with Daniel Santigosa) against Bergamini and Victor Ruiz. I didn't think I could beat players of this level so it's very nice!

Now all the players are training hard, everyone is playing well, and I think the gaps are minimal: you can beat anyone and lose to anyone.”

A defensive player

“I am a player with a more defensive profile than offensive. Let's say that my strength is to be very fast, very electric. I'm more of a transition player than an attack player, I don't have a big smash to finish points but I'm comfortable defending and in transitions.”

His idols? Her dreams ? His favorite tournament…?

“In life, I am a fan of Rafael Nadal, he is the king of Roland-Garros, and of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

"In the padel, I don't really have a dream, but rather objectives: to surpass myself every day, to progress in the rankings every year, to improve myself on a personal level whether in terms of mentality, on the field, at a technical level as well. if there is always a limit... To summarize, I am trying to become a better person and a better player of padel. "

“My favorite tournament is Acapulco, since that's where I had my best result so far (laughs), but I also really like Rome and Roland-Garros.”

Lots of time traveling...

“What I like most about padel It’s competition, I have a strong competitive spirit! What I like least is that there is little commitment between partners, people think in the short term and want to change teammates too quickly. I think things take time and to get good results you need longer projects.”

“The most difficult thing is being on the move all year round, seeing family very little, not spending a lot of time at home. People often think that there is nothing better than playing padel because you travel all over the world but the reality is different. Of course, we travel a lot, sometimes we can go sightseeing and enjoy but it's work, it's our job, and it's very difficult to spend your time on the move. I do it because I obviously like it, but it's not easy, especially for players like me who lose more often than they win...”

“The goal is to be a respected player and to be able to fight against all the players, the good ones, like those at my level. I would like to move up the rankings to enter directly into the final tables. In France, whenever there is no other tournament, if Ben invites me or I have an opportunity, I will try to come!”

The full interview (in Spanish):

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