See you soon 46, Miguel Lamperti is one of the veterans of the circuit. And with all the players stepping down in the last two years, he's starting to feel a little lonely. Juan Martin Diaz, the Twins Alayeto, Fernando Belasteguin at the end of the year... the illustrious figures of this sport are gradually leaving to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

Obviously, we still wonder how long the most charismatic player on the circuit will remain in the spotlight. Therefore, we asked him the question after his victory against Bastien Blanqué et Dylan Guichard. Retirement, future, Premier Padel…Miguel Lamperti gives himself up!

Bordeaux P2: a very good tournament

First match against a pair from here, who we didn't know, and who played very well. It was a very difficult meeting, where we barely escaped. SO, I wanted to congratulate these two players.

Regarding the city, I didn't know Bordeaux. The place we are in is magnificent. We spoke with other players who are very happy. This black part allows you to have a very bright track in the middle.

I feel like the organization is very good and I hope to spend a little more time here. God willing, stay all week.

The French public

I am used, generally, to playing with an audience in my favor. I find that the public was very respectful. Obviously, they applauded the French pair more but they also applauded us. Hat.

The playing conditions

To me it seems that playing conditions are fast. I like it... when you hit the ball, it goes up. Even on the first end, it's always very difficult to defend because the ball is very lively.

I think these are optimal conditions which will allow us to have a very good level of padel here.

Miguel Lamperti Betclic Bordeaux P2

The absence of the best players in the world

I don't know why the best players aren't here today, I don't know the reason. It seems to me that it's a question of points: the four best male pairs will no longer play P2 from now on.

It's not anger at the circuit, it's really a question of points and the fact that there are a lot of tournaments throughout the year. All tournaments are played outside and this is very expensive for the players.

We, the others, we need these points. The first four pairs do not need these points to differentiate between them. That's why they shouldn't play them anymore.

A retirement at the end of the year?

I am one of the last veterans on the circuit. Today, my legs and my determination still want to play a little more. At the end of the year I will decide whether there will be another year or not. For now, I feel good and I really want to play.

I wouldn't like to retire...but that's life.

The after padel ?

When I decide to retire, I will first need a trigger to understand that I will no longer compete. However, I have no doubt that I would like to be a coach and certainly for Nox.

We have an academy together and I would like to become a coach for professionals but also for the future promises of our sport.

For me the padel this is my whole life. This is why, before retiring, I will need to do a lot of mental work, to understand that I will no longer play tournaments and that I must have other plans, such as being a coach. .

The evolution of padel

Today, the players of padel are athletes. Physically, they are much better than us. Potentially, they are even better than us, with better physique, trainers.

Le padel has also evolved economically, at a professional level. Therefore, players need to be much better prepared. It is a logical evolution of sport and I think it will continue to play better and better.

For us, the “old people”, you have to hold on, but I think the padel current is spectacular.

A new tournament formula

This development is a good thing, also for the spectators, who can enjoy it even more. For me, however, I think thewe should have a circuit with slow tracks, fast tracks and tracks “normal". This would allow, like tennis, that everyone can have a chance to win, depending on the conditions.

For example, if there are 20 tournaments per year: 7 on fast tracks, 7 on slow tracks and the others on tracks “normal“. I think it would be amazing for the padel and that would show that the best pair knows how to play in all conditions.

Economically difficult

Today, it is much more difficult economically for the player who is beyond the Top 20. Before, the circuit was 80% in Spain and we played basically five tournaments abroad. Today, on 25 tournaments, 19 taking place abroad !

It’s very expensive, between the plane, paying the coach…

World Padel Tour…better for the Spanish?

For me the World Padel Tour did an incredible job. In the end, we always try to improve everything but I believe that the World Padel Tour set the bar very high.

Premier Padel does very important work. Being able to play at Roland-Garros, to play in Italy, we never dreamed of it. However, for a player who is not in the Top 20 or 30, the cost has become very high. It's almost impossible to have a coach and be able to pay him.

On a first round or an eighth, you win €2000 and the costs amount to €3000. And again, you have to manage to reach the eighth, which is not always easy. Our brands make a lot of effort for us, they do everything to ensure that the player padel can make a living from sport.

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