Life is unfair. While some have difficulty making a Par 3 even when they are glued to the net, others allow themselves to do so from the stands!

We saw him yesterday in Chile with the entertainer Miguel Lamperti who delighted the public with one of his signature shots: the Par 3 from outside the track.

The Argentinian was in good form yesterday, having enjoyed himself during the victory in the first round with Juan Cruz Belluati against the wild-card Molina / Martinez (6/1 6/3), as you will see with this nice exit from the track.

Qualified for the second round of this Santiago P1, the Argentines will play again tomorrow against Coki Nieto and Jon Sanz, a match which does not promise to be easy. “Miguelito” will need to be in top form to hope to be able to create a surprise!

To follow the matches this Wednesday, it's HERE.

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