For many players of padel, to be positioned at the net is synonymous with being in attack. And yet this is not always the case!

Indeed when the players at the net find themselves facing rivals who perfectly negotiate all the defensive balls, they may find themselves in difficulty despite a position which seems favorable a priori. What to do when you're on the fly and defenders assault you?

Miguel Sciorilli, one of the best trainer in the world, reveals us in video on his page Youtube his advice to no longer be in bad shape in this kind of situation.

“I would like you to ask yourself this question: if the bullet is already coming quickly towards you, why would you go towards it?” Here is how the Argentinian begins by laying the foundations of the subject.

“This is the best way not to control your volley and make a mistake”

“The keys to not failing are:

  • Stay in place and avoid moving
  • Be solid on your supports and in a low position
  • Keep the pala well forward ”

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