Milano P1 Premier Padel – The previas program, with French people, and a real legend!

Veteran Miguel Lamperti will have to play a few matches before hoping to be able to enter the final table at Premier Padel from Milano. Seed number 1 of the previas, he will be associated with his brand new partner, Jose Jimenez (106). Mandatory qualification for one of the most charismatic players on the circuit.

In addition to this favorite pair, we will find several very good teams, and many tricolors, who will try to climb into the final table. Here is the French draw for the start of qualifying Premier Padel Milano P1, planned this Monday, December 4 :

  • Maxime Moreau / Dylan Guichard – Jaime Menendez (112) / Jose Maria Mouliaa (122)
  • Thomas Leygue / Ferran Insa – Clément Geens (146) / Francisco Gomes (99)
  • Benjamin Tison / Aitor Garcia (TS4) – Simon Vasquez (108) / Miguel Gonzalez (97)
  • Johan Bergeron / Jérémy Scatena – Emiliano Iriart (88) / Pablo Castillo Valverde (160)
  • Bastien Blanqué / Mauro Agustin Salandro – Gonzalo Perez Arbona (144) / Jose Roman Martinez Sanchis (121)

Among the women, no French representative in the previas. The only French player present in Milan will be Alix Collombon, alongside his partner Lorena Rufo.

Published by
Gwenaelle Souyri