The Allianz Cloud in Milan, sold out once again, celebrated the second victory of Ale Galan and Juan Lebron, after a formidable three-hour final against Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, as well as that of Delfina Brea and Bea González, who, after their title in Madrid, won their second title Premier Padel of the season.

Ale Galan and Juan Lebron: the kings of Milan

An epic finale, one of those that will remain engraved in the history of padel. A year later, Ale Galan and Juan Lebron remain the kings of Milano Premier Padel P1, after three hours of fighting, spectacle, tricks, hugs and tears. Tears of joy for the winners, sadness for the 'Superpibes' Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, who managed to take the match to the third set.

Three hours, but also three tiebreaks: the match ended 7-6, 6-7, 7-6, a match that Galan and Lebron had to win twice. Indeed, after winning the first set, and leading 5-4 in the second, the Spaniards had three match points, all unconverted, Lebron being able to do more in the decisive moments. Then it was the second tiebreak, with Stupa/Di Nenno winning a set lasting one hour and eight minutes. In the third, the first break, which seemed decisive, was again for Lebron and Galan (4-3), but they suffered a break in the next game. And perhaps it was right that after such a spectacle, the match was decided again in the final game: a good start for Stupaczuk and Di Nenno, a comeback from Galan and Lebron until 5-5, with the fourth match point being the correct one.

“First of all, I have to congratulate Franco and Martin,” said 'the Lobo'. “The four of us created the show: we live for this, to win the title. Thanks to Ale for supporting me, especially in the second set when I didn't play well. We had a difficult season, with a long period without playing due to injury: but here we are, with the trophy in our hands”. “We couldn't wait to be here for this great week,” Galan added. “We know that Italy loves us, just like we love Italy and Milan. We faced two warriors, but I am very proud of the work we accomplished and that we were able to show on the field. We wanted to get back to our best level.” They succeeded, winning their first title Premier Padel of the season during the last tournament of the year, against the super Franco Stupaczuk, elected best player of the tournament (with Bea González as MVP of the women's table) despite the defeat.

galan lebron milano premier padel 2023

Delfina Brea and Bea González flex the muscles

After Madrid, it's Italy's turn. Delfina Brea and Bea González are the champions of Milano Premier Padel P1. In the final, Argentina and Spain, seeded number 3 in the women's draw, beat Sofía Araujo and Alejandra Salazar (No. 4) 6-0, 7-6 in one hour and thirty-seven minutes in a final dominated in the first set but balanced in the second.

A success which is a repetition for 'Delfi' and 'Bea' (elected MVP of the tournament), who had already won the first of the four tournaments on the circuit Premier Padel. A clear and deserved victory, which followed that of the semi-finals against Paula Josemaría and Ari Sánchez.

For Brea, who also celebrated her 24th birthday in Milan and who has a connection with… Pope Francis. It was Bergoglio who baptized Delfina in Buenos Aires, in the church of San José, in the Flores neighborhood where both were born and raised.

Delfina Brea and Bea Gonzalez Milano premier padel

Brea and González started strong, immediately taking two breaks that set the tone for the first set and the final. Too many mistakes from Araujo and Salazar, the latter making her Premier debut at Milan after an injury forced her to miss the Rome Major; on the other hand, a masterful performance, especially from Bea González. After nine consecutive games, Araujo/Salazar managed to move the score, retaking the break (3-2) and, in fact, entering the match. However, the tiebreak also smiled on Brea and González, who won it 7-4, before embracing each other and the Allianz Cloud audience.

“It was a spectacular week,” admits Delfina Brea. “I'm a little tired but very happy. I thank our coach Jorge Martínez very much, but also the public who undoubtedly helped us a lot.” In the second set, the match was more closely contested. “We had the impression that the ball was never going where we wanted to put it,” admits Bea González. “We managed to win and we are very happy, it was a spectacular week

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