It would take days to summarize Minter Dial's professional career. This former Yale student, who handles the language of Shakespeare as well as that of Molière, has had several lives. From investment banker to creator of a travel agency for musicians, the man who also spent 16 years at L'Oréal and who released an award-winning film about the Second World War has more than one string to his bow.

From now on, the man who is also a speaker and writer is turning more and more towards perhaps his greatest passion: padel. And after having launched the Podcast The Joy of Padel, Minter starts a new adventure: Padel Match Makers. The opportunity for us to interview him and find out more about this fascinating character.

One of the first in the world to have set foot on a padel court

“I took my first steps on a padel court in 1974. I was 10 years old, loved tennis and had started playing squash since I lived in England, so I was already prepared for this new racquet sport. My parents were customers of the Marbella Club since the early 60s. They quickly became close to the owner of the place, Alfonso de Hohenlohe. At that time, the Marbella Club was chic, but the city of Marbella was not yet known. It was a privileged place, but not at all fashionable. For the record, Alfonso discovered the padel in Acapulco with Enrique Corcuera, the inventor of padel. Piqued by the sport, he decided to install two courts in Marbella.

Subsequently, my parents divorced and my father had a second marriage with Hélène Grinda, Nallé's aunt (Jean-Noël's sister). My relationship with padel therefore continued with the Grinda family, several members of which had sufficient land in their houses on the Côte d’Azur to include a padel court.”

“Like what was done in Acapulco, each house had a very particular court, for example one side completely walled, and another almost entirely fenced. We always played as a family, it was really a sport that I associated with vacations.”

Minter, the padel and Marbella

“At the beginning of the 2000s, after spending ten years in the United States and Canada for professional reasons, I returned to Europe, and I resumed padel, especially during stays in Spain.

At the same time, I saw the evolution of padel and that of Marbella. At the time, Marbella was not very well known and today this city has become fashionable, as padel has, at last !

Having been conceived in Marbella, I obviously have a somewhat special connection with this city. My father moved back there in 2010, it was a new reason to go there, to play as a family, including games involving my father, my son, and my half-brother William, who lives in Madrid and plays very well. . I also remember many family challenges, Dial vs Grinda, also with very good tennis players invited by Jean-Noël, former Davis Cup captain. It was hot, the holidays were punctuated by the sound of balls popping off racquets and walls. We played for two hours in the morning, had a rather boozy lunch at midday, a nap, and then we left for two hours to play more padel in the afternoon !"

The Joy of Padel

“I have been podcasting for almost 15 years, and I wanted to participate in my own way in the media coverage of padel, with my skills and knowledge of this sport. This is why I wanted to create my podcast padel, The Joy of Padel, which is in English, and which takes place every two weeks.

I have seen many players come from quite diverse backgrounds, like Patty Llaguno, Daniel Windahl, Mike Yanguas... Above all, I seek to know aspects of their lives that are less discussed, notably the keys to success and the choice of partner. .

The idea is to provide the listener with an educational side, but also an entertaining one. I think that in the padel, there is joy. For me, it is a vector of life. Padel can bring beautiful values to everyone, such as patience, the importance of relationships…”

The 5 rules of padel according to Minter

“When I see people getting angry because of padel, I tell myself that it's sad for them. You have to weigh things up, put them into perspective. Padel can ultimately be very useful for leading a more pleasant life.

Since I play padel, I created in my head five rules of padel :

1/ Have fun, and when I say have fun, it means all four of you!

2/ Don't get hurt, because if you get hurt, then you can't have fun anymore.

3/ Be fair and try to play well, try to achieve the maximum of what you can do.

4/ Try to win (this rule comes after the first three).

5/ After the game, always have a beer (which can be non-alcoholic for those who really want it) with everyone!”

Padel Match Makers: the idea

“It all started when I met Camille Huyghues Despointes on the side of a court, at Casa Padel Uno. I saw this woman who had a big smile and who told me that she had just started the padel and that she was already completely addicted.

I told her that if she was new to the world of padel, so she must not have known rule number 5. She joined us at our post-game and we spent hours talking. At the end of this, we thought that we could launch a joint project in the padel.

After a short period of reflection, Camille, who is an entrepreneur in her own right, contacted me to suggest that I launch a group to network with the padel. It's there that Padel Match Makers was born.”

Minter Dial Camille Padel Match Makers

Padel Match Makers: the concept

“The purpose of Padel Match Makers is about making incredible experiences and encounters around padel. We're just getting started, but basically it's going to manifest through different types of events that can take place after work, like afterworks, or in parallel with a conference, or travel. The idea is to combine discovery, good food, parts of padel, and interesting conversations!

We can imagine discovering a city, like Lisbon, with the theme of communication in the broad sense. We can start by addressing communication on the ground. padel, then see how we transfer this to other sectors. We can also think about going to Silicon Valley to talk about Artificial Intelligence, for example. The possibilities are limitless. We want to find topics that may be of interest to businesses in particular.

Generally speaking, we want to attract people who find themselves within the informal rules that I cited previously, people who bring value to the group, who are ready to exchange, who have a certain vulnerability, humility and who adhere to the concept, who bring joy to life, who are fair play and who are ready to pass on their experience, but also to listen to others.

Le business model is more about events, and once we have built a community linked to the business, we imagine creating a club with even more benefits for the members. People have to be happy to belong to this mindset-sharing group.”

See you on May 24 in Paris

“The first event takes place on May 24 in Paris, at the Aquaboulevard, in association with Vivatech. There will be up to forty people present. Regarding the program, we will start with a meeting with the international player Mélissa Martin, and then, we will find ourselves with two level groups and we will have two type competitions. Americano so that everyone can play as much as possible. There will of course be a passage on a field where Mélissa will be. Everyone will be able to spend 15 minutes on their track, to see what it's like to play with a player of this level. She will give advice and instructions to her partners and adversaries.

And at the end, for anyone who wants to stay, we are going to talk about the theme of trust. We will leave from padel, and transfer to real life, starting conversations between participants to address the theme of self-confidence and of course that between individuals.

For those who would like to participate, it is this way ! Please note that Vivatech participants will benefit from a discount due to our partnership with the code: “vivatechpass24”.

As for what’s next, we already have a second event for women in preparation, we will tell you about it soon!”

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