The French Tennis Federation will propose an update of its padel rules for next autumn. Focus on what you need to know for the next padel competitions:

Game formats

From the 2017 sports year, 5 game formats will be usable for the Padel :

Long formats:

1 format: 2 sets to 6 games (traditional format)

2 format: 2 sets to 6 games, 3st set = SJD (Super decisive game) at 10 points

3 format: 2 sets to 6 games, no ad, 3st set = SJD to 10 points

Short formats:

4 format: 2 sets to 4 games, no ad, decisive game to 3 / 3, 3st set = SJD to 10 points

5 format: 1 set to 9 games, no ad, decisive game to 7 points to 8 / 8

This range of formats will allow each tournament organizer to adapt the competition according to the number of participants and the number of courts available. The organizer also has the possibility to change the format during the tournament and thus propose a longer format for the matches of the final table.

Number of matches per day

The precise rules will be communicated for the 2017 sports year, however, it is already possible to note that a player may play a maximum number of games, per day, depending on the game format or formats used.

Tournament categories

A little in the same format as the International Paddle Federation with its categories, the FFT wanted to create a hierarchy of tournaments and thus offer competitors and organizers greater opportunities.

Starting from the 2017 sports year, 4 tournament categories will be determined according to the prize money awarded by event.

  • P100 (Padel 100): prize-money from 0 to 249 €. 4 teams minimum.
  • P250 (Padel 250): prize-money of € 250 to € 499. 4 teams minimum.
  • P500 (Padel 500): prize-money of € 500 to € 999. 8 teams minimum.
  • P1000 (Padel 1000): prize-money of 1000 € or more. 16 teams minimum, selected thanks to the ranking.

A JAT1 qualifying referee for a tournament

Le nombre important de juges-arbitres de qualification JAT1 sur le territoire, permettra à tout club qui le souhaite, organiser un tournoi de Padel, de le faire. Le JAT1 étant parfaitement apte à diriger cette compétition.

The championships of France will also evolve

The regional phase will qualify 2 teams (finalist and winner) for the qualifying phase. It will be framed by a minimum JAT1. This championship will be counted for the ranking as a P500 tournament.

The interregional phase will regroup, most often 3 leagues. It will be framed by a JAT1. The format used will be 2 chickens of 3 players. The interregional phase will qualify 2 teams (finalist and winner) for the final of the championships of France. This championship will be counted for the ranking as a P1000 tournament.

La phase finale regroupera 16 équipes hommes et femmes. La phase finale sera comptabilisée pour le classement comme un tournoi P1000 avec application d’un coefficient de 2. Cette année la phase finale du championnat de France se déroulera dans la ligue des Flandres au Padel Attitude du 14 au 16 octobre 2016.

The championship of France consists of these 3 phases. The interregional phases will take place on the weekend of 24 and 25 September. The groups of interregional phases have not yet been formed, they will be constituted by the FFT once the interregional phases have been completed.

Toutes ces évolutions vont dans le bon sens, le développement du Padel sur l’ensemble du territoire.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.