Mad month for the padel

Padel Magazine - The padel has been racing for two years, but in the coming weeks, the padel francophone will enjoy an exceptional month.

1 / September 24: Padel Attitude inaugurates its club with a high level exhibition

In a few days, the people of Lille will have the unique chance to see what is done best in the padel world: Juani Mieres, current world number two.

Remember that this event takes place in a club padel brand new where a tournament has already taken place which was a real success at the beginning of the month. Juani Mieres will be accompanied by his brother and two players from France Padel Pro (Franck Binisti and Simon Boissé)

For more information, appointment on the following page: Mieres in Lille the 24 / 09: A reality!

2 / From September 26 to 28: Qualifying phases of the world championships padel in Belgium

Yes, France was not invited there for this year, but the padel does not stop at France and we will be part of it next year.

The event will take place in Belgium and promises to be magical with the best Belgian, English, Dutch, Austrian and German players.

To find out more: Interview with Alex Pavy, vice-president of Belgium Padel et the qualifying poster for the world championship padel

3 / October 4: First tournament padel and exhibitions at the Carrières-sous-Poissy Soccer Park

Soccer Park was among the first to believe in padel. In the Île-de-France region, it is the Champigny Soccer Park which has shown the way by offering two padel indoors. The Soccer Park of Carrières sous Poissy (Yvelines) is not to be outdone with not only its great padel indoor and its very first event padel scheduled for October 4. Tournament and exhibition of padel in the program…

4 / October 11 and 12: Inauguration of the Padel Central in Lyon with high level

Over two days, Padel central will offer us many activities and many surprises around the padel in its magnificent indoor club. To learn more about the club, discover the beautiful article by Jérôme Becasset.

5 / October 17: Inauguration of the Padel Arena in Rouen (To be confirmed)

Inauguration with a beautiful exhibition in prospect for the Rouen population. In October, a wide shot of this brand new club will be offered to you.

6 / October 25 and 26: First big tournament padel à Padel Sensation

We had already introduced you to this brand new club of padel in Lille. He shines once again with his very first big tournament padel. All info in the official poster of the club. 

7 / From October 27 to November 1: Official launch of the National Padel Cup

Everyone knows the National Tennis Cup (NTC), the world's largest tennis tournament. Everyone will know, the National Padel Cup (NPC). A formula equivalent to the NTC will be offered and will allow the best players in each category of their club or region to play in the final stages which take place at the Cap d'Agde international academic tennis center. The launch of the NPC promises to be unique in France.

It is rumored that the best players in the world could come and make a big exhibition, not to mention the personalities who would come to play the padel. The launch of the NPC will also allow for a week to offer padel to all participants via a tournament padel where the winning pair will head for the tropics ...

To find out more: The NPC website et his facebook page

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