During one of our traditional surveys on Instagram, we asked you if you thought that Momo Gonzalez and Coki Nieto had an interest in moving to the right.

And if you are not completely convinced by the idea, a majority of you still think that the two Spaniards should change sides. Indeed, 58% of voters believe that Momo and Coki should move to the right.

Those who voted “yes” certainly think like our specialist Stéphane Penso that the time of defensive left players is over and that we must now benefit from a big smash to be able to hope to reach the highest level on this side of the table. track.

The 42% who voted “no” probably believe that Coki and Momo, who managed to enter the world Top 16 thanks to their technical quality and their ability to defend very strongly on the left, would not necessarily be more effective in the another diagonal...

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