We have already talked about it several times, the padel modern is increasingly physical, with players hitting ever harder. In this context, we first notice that powerful left-handers are very popular and that right-handed players are generally more and more interested in hitters.

We have had proof of this with Sanyo who left Maxi Sanchez for Alex Arroyo, and now with Alex Ruiz, who would have preferred Javi Garrido to Momo Gonzalez.

In this context of changes, and with a LeBron who has chosen to return to the left, we can clearly see that players on the left with a defensive profile, as a certain Bela has been throughout his career (the Argentinian has elsewhere always tempted to share the track with a left-hander capable of finishing the undermining work he was carrying out) appeal less and less.

Our expert Stéphane Penso thinks that at the rate things are going, players on the left without a devastating smash should simply change sides: "With a padel 2.0 ever more powerful, playing Momo or Coki Nieto on the left is an aberration. They are excellent defenders, but they seem light years away in attack from the “finishers” like Galan and Tapia or even lower ranked players like Arroyo, Leal, Augsburger, Sager…”

Moreover, Momo Gonzalez was apparently aware of this trend when he decided to move to the right with… Javi Garrido! The native of Antequera had only a short time to adapt to this new role, but did not do so badly. He then logically agreed to rediscover his natural side to evolve with Chingotto. Before he leaves him for Galan and returns with Alex Ruiz…

For his part, Coki is capable of annoying a lot of people on the left thanks to his ability to multiply and cover all the spaces, but unfortunately his lack of punch on high balls clearly prevents him from reaching a milestone.

Do these two players, and in general, those who play on the left without having a big strike, have to resolve to change sides or can they still exist, for example by doing like Paquito, who chose to bet on the overpowering left-handed Cardona to compensate for the fact that he is no longer as decisive as in the past? We are waiting for your opinions!

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