Momo Gonzalez comes to our microphone after his victory with Alex Ruiz in the Betclic quarter-final Premier Padel Bordeaux P2.

Victory against Benitez / Cepero (6/4 4/6 2/1 abandonment)

“We didn't have, let's say, our best match if we compare with previous meetings. I think we had a bit of pressure, because we had been losing in the quarters for a while, we were always close but we couldn't do it. In the end, that's not how we would have liked to deal with the injury of Miguel who is a very good friend. I hope it won’t be too serious and he can play next week in Rome.”

“For our part I think we are playing very well. At the start of the third set, we were at a very good level again, we had made the break so I am happy with our level and I hope we will continue tomorrow.”

The pressure of being seeded 3 in Bordeaux?

“We are pair number 3 so there are pairs who are more favorites than us (laughs). One of them has already lost but the seed 1 is still there (Bela / Tello). So no, I think the pressure was more about being able to qualify for a semi-final. But now I think there is no more pressure, we were very comfortable from our first match, we play, we enjoy and I think it shows on the pitch because we play at a fairly high level !”

Chingotto's separation

“In the end, we are used to it, we know that we can start a project but that it can stop at any time. In the end it's normal, Fede had an offer from a number 1 like Galan, it's impossible to say no to him. It's always a difficult moment, because we never like to be let go by a partner, even when it makes sense. So, we started this project with Alex and we are improving little by little. The first tournaments were perhaps not the best, but little by little we are finding our feet.”

Version 2.0 of Ruiz / Gonzalez

“I think we've both improved, we've matured on our own and I think now we're better both individually and as a pair. We have also progressed on a mental level, in all aspects. We are a more complete pair and I think we have not yet reached the maximum of what we can do, we are getting closer and I hope we can be much better than we are currently .”

“Fede and I were splitting up, Alex and Tello were splitting up, we both talked, first on the phone then in person. He wanted to play with me, I wanted to play with him, we were each the best option for the other, we discussed our goals, this new experience together. I’m very happy with how it’s going.”

When will Momo Gonzalez’s first title be released?

“I played five finals, I won lower category tournaments (WPT Challenger and Open 500), I am still here, but we can see that it is very difficult to win titles, there is no every year only three or four pairs win... The title is something very hard to achieve but I'm never very far away, I've always made semi-finals, finals, I have nothing to blame myself, I believe that I play well, I always fight, and I am still young and I believe that one day it will come.”

“For the moment, it's only the first P2 without the Top 4, the others were as tough as a P1 or a Major. There if we win the tournament I will be very happy, but to be really sincere, I want to win a tournament where there are all the best and beat them.

What about Genova P2?

“At the moment we don’t know, it all depends on the calendar. It's a calendar with a lot of tournaments, Genova takes place just before Malaga, which is a tournament I'm looking forward to, so we don't know. It will depend on what we want to do to prepare for Malaga, on how we finish this tournament… I can’t say anything yet because preparation for tournaments is very important.”

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