World Qatar 2020: double for Spain!

It is done ! The Spaniards imitate the Spanish by dominating Argentina in the final to claim the title of World padel 2020!

Spain is on the roof of the padel global. Following an epic match won 7/5 in the third set by Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron, the selection of Juanjo Gutierrez won the title. The strategy of the Spanish coach, who preferred to separate the two world numbers, has paid off.

The first match was flown over by Ale Galan and Arturo Coello. Opposed to Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia, the Iberians started off with a bang, putting a lot of rhythm and attacking their opponents. Imperials, they take the first set 6/1. The winners of the Malmö Open managed to come back in the second act but not enough to prevent their team from defeating: 6/1 7/5 and first point for Spain.

The second match started in the same way as the first, with a Paquito Navarro and a Juan Lebron leaving very few options for their opponents of the day: Martin Di Nenno and Fernando Belasteguin. But Paquito's WPT teammate and “King Bela” have woken up. Taking advantage of the slow conditions at the end of the day, the Argentines put their opponents at fault to pick up the score.

When Bela and Martin were leading 5/2 in the third set we thought we would be entitled to a decisive game but the Spaniards did not see it that way. Rather gross mistakes on the Argentinian side allowed those who played together in 2019 on the WPT to recover. The playersAlbiceleste clearly missed their chance in this third round and even thePaquito's cramps late in the game couldn't change anything after the match. Stronger in the conclusion, the Spaniards won 6/2 3/6 7/5 and offered the gold medal to their country.

Spain, which has the top 3 players in the WPT rankings, proves that it is currently the number 1 nation on the planet padel !

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Xan Tafernaberry