Big start for the French teams in these World Seniors +!

After a great victory for the Ladies against Uruguay, it's the turn of the Gentlemen to win their first clash against the Chileans.

Full card for the French

Our Blues saw themselves opposed to the selection of Chile for their entry into the competition and it is with a sure and strong hand that they won in all their battles.

Indeed out of the 5 games played, there are 5 successes for the French players.

In the +35 category, the pair JT Peyrou - Loïc The Panse snatched the victory in the 3rd set by concluding the game with a score of 4-6 / 6-3 / 7-6 against Mario Galindo and Rodrigo Fuentealba.

Among the +40s, Romain Coirault et Christophe henry were opposed to the pair Walls - Orellana.
Despite a complicated start to the match, the French managed to pick up the score and win the game in the second and third set.
Final score: 5-7 / 6-4 / 6-3.

Sébastien Corbelli and Yohann Potron (+45) saw themselves battling the pair formed by Cristian Yanez et Francisco Pujado.
A solid performance allows them to win 6-4 / 6-4.

For the 4th match of the day it is Cyril Boronad et Fabien Veber (+50) that came into play.
Ruthless, the two players unfolded their game in a one-sided match.
Final score 6-0 / 6-1 against the pair Juan Soto - Hugo Huaquian.

Finally it is Jean Marc Lagloire et Olivier Launo (+55) who concluded this beautiful day by also strolling on the ground.
Opposed to Sanfuentes - parolin, the two friends won 6-2 / 6-1.

Make way for Spain

This Tuesday is a very big meeting that awaits our French because it is against the Iberian machine that they will have to confront.

Sebastien Carrasco

Fan of padel and of Spanish origin, the padel runs through my veins. Very happy to share with you my passion through the world reference of padel : Padel Magazine.