Du Padel instead of the Davis Cup! Remember: Gaël Monfils had participated in February 2017 at the Lyon Open in one of the cradles of padel lyonnais: Padel Central.

  • Du padel during the Davis Cup

The 2017 Lyon Open: A tournament of padel which will react in more than one way. First because the French player is supposed to be at rest following his temporary eviction from the French tennis team. And why would he be at rest when it is actually a choice of Yannick Noah, the captain of Team France at the time? The unpredictable Gaël Monfils and player of padel especially at Padel First Genève therefore takes the direction of Lyon. The world of padel is lucky to see him participate in the Lyon Open in padel alongside the former French champion of padel, Robin Haziza.

An adventure that will take him far since they will manage to reach the semi-finals of the tournament by losing to the formidable Franco-Spanish pair of the tournament Justin Lopes and Aitor Garcia. A defeat with honors: 7-6 (14-12 tie-break) / 6-4.

During the same weekend, the French tennis team therefore played against Japan for the Davis Cup. E Gaël's rest will therefore be at the Lyon Open in padel. No it's not a joke! Central Padel Lyon thus became at the center of a controversy which will amuse much more than anything else.


  • Yannick Noah has fun

Even remained in France, Gaël will make more noise than the France team which nevertheless quietly wins its confrontation against Japan. The captain, Yannick Noah would have liked to do without this controversy when he learns that Gaël is in Lyon for a tournament. padel.

Because Monfils is not for the first time: Already, in September 2016, he had talked a lot about him with his dunks ... before declaring forfeit for the Davis Cup semi-final against Croatia. A confrontation that France will lose. Gaël Monfils is supposed to be forfeited for a knee injury…

Yannick Noah then explained that he had “Was deeply disappointed in Croatia. It is out of the question that this will happen again ”.

A few months later, Yannick still has to comment on a news item from a distance, but this time with irony (to our colleagues at RMC):

That he takes advantage, that he has fun, that's good, there is no problem. If he organized this tournament padel, I hope he will ensure, that he will have fun and especially that he will not get hurt.

Gäel Monfils and Robin Haziza are on the verge of seriously injuring themselves…

Monfils and Haziza avoid a serious accident

The rest is sadder, however, since at the end of the year, the Lyon club must close its doors permanently. A club that will forever remain in our hearts.

Sad christmas at Padel Central Lyon


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.