It's the revolution among our Belgian friends!

A few days ago we learned that a Flemish investor launched a pharaminous project, to build 100 to 200 plots of padel.

Already very present in the world of sport

Indeed Marc Coucke, famous businessman, has just created "Padelworld ” a franchise exclusively dedicated to this sport.

Already well known in the business world, he is the third richest personality in the kingdom. Omega Pharman which he co-founded in 1987, is already known in the sports world.

For those interested in the round ball, he invested mainly in 2013 in the football club of KV Ostend FC.

A year later, he officially became the third most important shareholder of the football club of LOSC (Lille) of which he is also the sponsor of the jersey.

On March 1, 2018, he continued his momentum by becoming the owner of the Belgian football club RSC Anderlecht.

Although he left the presidency two years later, he still remains the main shareholder.

Passionate about padel

In 2021 it is around padel that his new project is being built.

Passionate about this sport, Marc Coucke decided to flood Flanders with its gigantic project to build 100 to 200 courts of padel throughout the country.

Already the owner of many amusement parks, the Belgian has understood all the attraction that a sport as playful as the padel.

With demand becoming more and more important, the 56-year-old businessman wants to seize a great opportunity and thus offer our sport additional visibility by offering beautiful structures to all practitioners in Flemish territory.

The question we can ask ourselves is above all if the Belgian will invest in France, as it has already been able to do?

Case to follow.

We would like to thank our readers Steve et Isaac huysveld for their unfailing help and support.

Photo credits: Brussels News

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