Bernard Giudicelli, candidate for his re-election at the head of the FFT, and Gilles Moretton, his opponent, were confronted in Tennis Magazine. Here is what he said about the padel.

The election for the presidency of the FFT will take place on February 13 2021, and the campaign is in full swing between the outgoing president Bernard Giudicelli and his opponent, the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes League, Gilles Moretton.

The two men were asked the same questions by Tennis Magazine on different topics. Regarding the part padel, Gilles Moretton showed himself rather critical of the current system, especially on the land creation part, but also on the FFT Padel Tower. Here are his words:

Gilles Moretton: "The padel must have its own license. There it is “diluted” in tennis; however, consumption and recruitment patterns differ. The padel requires a delicate marketing exercise of simultaneous creation of supply and demand. It is necessary to achieve that the player padel do not be “fair” the tennis player of the club, to make the discipline known elsewhere via discovery tours, companies… I also observe that today, the grounds are growing in an anarchic manner. We build to build, instead of building in conjunction with clubs, federal and private, in order to achieve a network avoiding competition from neighboring structures. We must give ourselves the means to train teachers, too… All this is less buzzing than the Padel Tour but it is an essential base. ”

Bernard Giudicelli, for his part, wished to recall that the padel, second most important discipline of the FFT, remained crucial in his eyes and that he wanted to continue to contribute to his development.

Bernard Giudicelli: "The padel is today our second flagship discipline, I am in fact president of the French Tennis Federation and padel. We must first give this discipline an international stature, especially in its relationship with the authorities - whether Olympic or the International Federation - and then allow it to develop through the facilities. Two courts of padel in a tennis club, these are additional revenues but above all a new found conviviality or in any case a dynamism in the functioning of the club. The agreement we have just signed with the Association of Mayors of France gives us good prospects for the development of this practice. ”


For those who would like to read everything he said to himself in this interview, it takes place in the Tennis Magazine December 2020.

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