We have seen recently that, logically, padel is far behind tennis in terms of prize money. What about squash?

Just under a year ago, the Egyptians Nour El Sherbini and Ali Farag won the World Women's and Men's Squash Championships respectively. Everyone pocketed the tidy sum of 70 000 $. For the first time, squash offered such a large prize money, 1 million dollars distributed among all players. This is basically what all the members of the Top 10 men of the World Padel Tour won in 2019 ...

At an event comparable to the World Squash Championships, the Final Padel Master, the men's winners leave each with € 16 Due to the parity that exists in squash and not in padel, the gap is even greater among the ladies. Nour El Sherbini won more in a tournament than Marta Marrero over the whole season.

The difference is explained by the fact that squash is a televised sport in many countries, the television rights paid by the chains to the organization obviously allowing to better compensate the players. The padel may generate roughly as many requests as squash on the internet, its economy is still far from being able to compete.

Despite everything, padel continues to structure itself and the fact that it is a particularly telegenic sport means that TVs are starting to be interested in it, like Nent. The Barcelona Final Master revealed to the greatest number that the female padel can be just as spectacular than its male counterpart. We can therefore imagine that in a few years, the World Padel Tour will be able to offer its players bonuses similar to those found in squash today.

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